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This Page Was Originally Posted in August, 2011
Much has happened since then, we should be finished with our project this Spring, 2020, DEBT FREE!
Glory to God!


    We have known for quite sometime that God would have us add to our current facilities.  In order to do this we purchased 1.49 acres adjoining our property on the south. (We paid cash for this property several years ago in anticipation of expansion.) Then we demolished several of our existing buildings that housed our Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Offices, Classrooms & Youth Ministry.  Not to mention all of our storage buildings. This leaves us with only a 4,000 sq. ft. building.  We've had to combine some classes and our Youth meet in a member's home on Wednesday evening.  Our people are very flexible and have a "can do" attitude. 

    From a Pastor's perspective the people of Northeast are a joy to pastor and are very willing to follow the leadership of the Spirit of God.  Our church is 100 percent behind this work of faith. (Pastor's comments)

    We are adding a 14,790 sq. ft. addition.  This building will provide a 270 seat sanctuary, a large Foyer area, 12 classrooms, 5 offices, 2 large Choir rooms, 2 large Nursery rooms and 2 Baptistery change rooms with showers and bathrooms. 

    We understand that it's just a building and will not add one thing to the Kingdom of God unless it's used to reach, teach and help people with the Gospel of Christ and the Word of God!  And we intend to use it for that purpose.

    Once this building is finished, we will remodel our older building for a Fellowship Hall/Chapel and Kitchen with plenty of pantry and storage space. 

    We are also adding more parking which fronts on Union Church Road. Our current parking area will be completely re-worked as well.  All parking will be concrete paving.  Our church can be accessed from Davis Blvd. and Union Church Road

    Now all of this is not unusual as far as church buildings go. Here is the unusual part about all this. . . . . our plans are to pay cash for all of this.  And when it's completed, all improvements will be paid for.  Glory to God!

    Some bankers and capital fundraisers see our size (we are a small church) and  scoff at the idea of trusting God by faith to provide the resources for this project. Others commend us for the idea but are not too sure it will happen.

    But we are the only people who need to believe it will happen and we do!  If you believe too, will you join us in prayer as we continue this project and trust God to supply all our needs?  Current Construction Photos will appear on this page as the work progresses.

City of Southlake Update:

   We have our Building Permit and the Steel for the piers has been delivered.  We will start on Wednesday August 10th, 2011.

   Most of the dirt work has been completed for our building pad and new parking lot.

   We have all pre-building expenses paid (Architect, Civil Engineer, Surveyor, Demolition & Asbestos Abatement of old building, City fees, Permits and all of the Dirt Work that has been completed.)  We will never start any part of this project unless we have cash in hand to pay for it.

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Just starting the fill dirt
Spreading the dirt for our building pad

Union Church Rd Entry   

Water Tap on Davis Blvd.

Building Pad almost complete

New Parking Lot Construction

Water Line to New Building from Davis Blvd.

Water Line from Union Church Road

Building Permit

Rebar has been Delivered - Pier Drilling (August 10th.)


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